The Stede Bonnet Flag Hat
The Stede Bonnet Flag Hat
The Stede Bonnet Flag Hat
The Stede Bonnet Flag Hat

The Stede Bonnet Flag Hat

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One day, wealthy business man Stede Bonnet grew tired of his mundane life. So he bought a boat, hired a crew, and set sail on the seas, leaving his "nagging wife" behind along with his fortune. Shortly after he encountered the notorious Edward Teach, or as he is better known as "BlackBeard" who after hearing his story, invited him on his boat and taught him everything there is to know about pirating. Stede Bonnet became one of the most legendary pirates on the coast, gaining the name "The Gentleman Pirate" due to his education and cultured behavior. Bonnet is most recognized for creating one of the most famous methods of pirate execution, walking the plank (due to his hate of the site of blood)!

 One size fits all on snapbacks.  Made in Greenville, SC, USA

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