Our Philosophy

Jack Foster is an iconic American brand that crafts the finest quality personal leather goods and accessories right here in the southeastern US. Because our products are designed for the discriminating consumer who desires and appreciates the timeless attributes of personalization and quality, all of our products are easily customizable and produced using the highest quality components sourced in the United States whenever possible.

We are uncompromisingly committed to understanding our clients’ wants and wishes; to capturing and leveraging significant, but often subtle, advancements in lifestyle, technology, and fashion; and to delivering products that surprise and delight… but never disappoint.

For the team of artisans at Jack Foster, our leather products represent the pinnacle of attention to detail. Even in those rare instances when something does not meet your complete satisfaction, our approach to customer service is responsive and resolute. All Jack Foster representatives are skilled in transforming problems into possibilities, all to keep our clients happy with the results and proud to wear our products. Speaking of which… 

Our Products

Unlike mass-produced brands, the Jack Foster approach is to individually invite, engage, and incorporate our clients into the design process, allowing each potential buyer to select product options that ultimately enhance their purchase and make it uniquely their own.

We exclusively source leathers from Horween Leather Company in Chicago and Hermann Oak Leather Company in St. Louis. We offer a full range of customizable designs with a myriad of options in leather, buckles, stitching, linings, lengths, and widths, plus a broad selection of colors, dyes, and finishes. We also offer custom monogramming on any item we sell.