How to change a watch strap

How To Change Your Watch Strap

Changing out your watch strap is a quick and easy process with the correct tools and knowledge.  Follow our easy guide to quickly change to one of our straps.  

  • Spring bar tool, click here for our recommended tool
  • Spring bars
  • A new Jack Foster strap
  • A clean work area and small tray or plate to hold spring bars

Step 1:  Remove Old Strap

Grasp watch and hold on a flat surface so that the dial faces away from you.  Insert your spring bar tool using the forked end under the top lug.  When you feel the fork catch on the spring bar push down and to the side to remove the spring bar.  Then pull free from the lugs and set aside in tool tray.  Repeat these steps on the other side.  


Step 2. Install your new strap 

*Remember* The buckle side of the strap goes at 12, the long side goes at 6

Insert the spring bar in your new strap.  Grasp your watch as in step 1 and insert the spring bar in to the hole in the bottom lug.  Using the forked end of the spring bar tool push in the end of the spring bar so that it fits under the top lug.  Gently move the spring bar around until you feel it click in to the lug hole.  Repeat on both sides of the watch

Install new watch strap