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19 products

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Custom Leather Watch Straps 

We at Jack Foster specialize in creating custom leather watch straps in Greenville, SC that look great no matter what brand of watch you have. From Rolex and Omega to TAG Heuer, we have the perfect leather strap for your timepiece. 

Each of our handmade leather straps for watches is crafted with the same precision as the watch itself. We want to ensure your watch fits well, is comfortable, and looks great all at the same time. 

Our collection features aviator straps crafted from premium Horween English Tan leather, “Calhoun” premium watch straps made with Horween Natural Chromexcel Leather, and everything in between. 

To make sure you get the best fit, choose from standard, short, or long-length straps. We also offer custom stitching colors With Japanese Bonded thread. On our premium straps, we also offer Irish Linen thread. Select from colors like white, black, olive green, dark brown, red, navy blue, and many more. 

Shop online and see the excellence yourself.