Betsy Ross Flag Hat | Richardson 112
Betsy Ross Flag Hat | Richardson 112
Betsy Ross Flag Hat | Richardson 112
Betsy Ross Flag Hat | Richardson 112

Betsy Ross Flag Hat | Richardson 112

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Always bet on America!  Made in Greenville, SC USA with a 3" x 2" embroidered patch

We Americans, since July 4th, 1776, when 56 delegates from across the 13 Colonies converged on Philadelphia to seal our national fate, live by our colors. It's the representation of everything we are and strive to be. We've seen it endure through all types of adversity, wars, riots, protests, foreign incursion. Yet we keep striving, and so do our colors. What makes this country great is not necessarily the decisions we make, but our desire to always be better. It's that first Betsy Ross Flag, with its 13 Stars, that represents this great American experiment. It shows, from 13 to 50, that we're an evolving people who never settle for less. It represents our penchant for adventure and excellence, how we'll never quit. The first stitching on our flag is more than a statement, it's the building block of our national soul.

Cotton-Poly/Nylon Mesh
60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

Adjustable Snapback
OSFM (7 – 7 3/4)

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