Kurv watch bands don’t fight nature; they embrace it.

Your wrist is naturally tapered.

Most forearms taper like a cone from the elbow to the wrist. Some forearms are opposite because the wrist’s ulna bone protrudes and makes the arm actually thicker than at the elbow.
In either case, conventional straight watch bands do not take the natural taper of your forearm into account.

An inferior fit leads to wear and tear on the band, along with discomfort and possible injury to your wrist.

We design our watch straps with a curvature that follows the natural contours of your wrist.

Precision-crafted from high-quality leather, our watchbands have a better, more comfortable fit right out of the box, with no pinching or irritation.

When ordering, be sure to select the correct style.

If you wear your watch on your left wrist:
if where you wear your watch where your forearm tapers toward your wrist.

if where you wear your watch where your wrist tapers towards your forearm.

It’s the opposite if you wear your watch on your right wrist: 

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